Weigh Beams and U Frames

Electronic weigh beams and U-frames are used as Weigh Beam Scales to weigh pallets, skips, containers and all manner of items in industry and are normally 1000kg, 2000kg or 3000kg capacity.

The length of the weigh beam is normally 1200mm long and can be positioned as close together or as far apart as required.

The U-frame has a back bar and the beams are positioned usually 840mm apart.

The advantage of these weighing scale designs is that because they are relatively  light they are completely portable around a works site. They can be loaded either by a hand pallet truck or a forklift truck, which makes for a very flexible weighing machine.

Also, if space is at a premium, they can be quickly moved and stored until they are next required.

A well designed pair of weigh beams or U-frame constructed from heavy duty materials, with good quality components, will provide highly accurate results and years of service, even though they are loaded by a forklift truck on a regular basis.

Depending on the site conditions and type of industry, the weigh beams and U- frames can be manufactured from mild steel with tool steel load cells for dry areas or all stainless steel with IP68 fully weld load cells to allow full wash down ability even with high pressure hoses and cleaning chemicals.

Both units can be approved for trade use to allow selling of material by weight to conform to current regulations.

In addition to standard capacity machines  ADF have manufactured 10,000kg capacity weigh beams and 6000kg capacity U-frames for customers with non standard applications.

With ADF’s 40 years of continuously supplying and manufacturing scales, tailored to customer’s requirements, in all manner of designs and materials we are, with our vast knowledge and experience, able to offer customers the best advice at all times. 

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