Pallet Truck Scales

Pallet truck scales usually have a capacity between 2000kg and 3000kg, with various accuracies, and a standard fork length of 1180mm with an internal width of 180mm.

They are powered from an internal rechargeable battery which makes them completely portable around a site.

A pallet truck scale is taken to the goods to be weighed around a factory site, rather than products taken to one central weighing location.

There are numerous versions available including display units, finishes and materials.

All ADF supplied pallet truck scales will provide simple, easy to use and straight forward weighing .

A well designed unit, using heavy duty materials with quality components, will provide highly accurate results and years of service.

Depending on site conditions and type of industry they can be manufactured from mild steel, with tool steel load cells for dry areas, or all stainless with fully welded IP68 load cells to allow full wash down ability, even with a high pressure hose and cleaning materials.

In-built printers, data transmitters and collectors are available if required for a specific application.

There are trade approved versions to allow products to be sold by weight, as well as standard weighing scales.

Equally, it is important that the correct scale’s specification is used for a specific application to ensure that user obtains the most benefit and value for money.

With ADF’s 40 years of continuously supplying scales to all manner of industries we have a vast knowledge and experience of all weighing scale applications and will provide the best advice for any scale requirements that you have. 

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