Laboratory Scales

Scales used in laboratories, or other high accuracy weighing applications, range from a minor division of weight of 0.1mg to 0.001g.

There are numerous different versions; ‘lab balances’, ‘precision weighing scales’ and ‘analytical scales’ as they are commonly called.

There are different types of weighing devices used:

  • Lower accuracy machines are load cell based which makes them more robust and can usually be transported around a site, without loss of accuracy.
  • Higher accuracy versions use a weighing method called a ‘force motor’ which produces extremely high accuracy during use.

Due to their construction, these balances are best sited in one location and used in a draught and vibration free area which is not subject to large temperature fluctuations, to avoid incorrect results.

These units are usually supplied with breeze breaks to assist in accurate weighing results. The design varies, dependent on the application. Industrial plastic housings are common place as well as steel and stainless steel housings.

Many of the scales above can be main and battery operated, using internal rechargeable batteries which is extremely useful for portability and can be used without worrying about power socket locations.

There are both trade approved (legal to sell across i.e. charge by weight for an item) versions and non approved scales to consider.

Therefore considerable care needs to be taken when choosing a scale to ensure that it provides the correct accuracy and that the material used in the construction is resistant to the product to be weighed.

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