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We work with several industries to ensure their weighing scale systems suit their business. An ‘off-the-shelf’ scale can sometimes work. But, when needed, we can solve a problem with a bespoke weighing scale system. Here is one example of a customer who needed our expertise and knowledge to help avoid overloading their vehicles.

What was the problem?

Our customer’s vehicles had been stopped several times on routine checks and found to be overloaded. This was a concern because of potential legal action.

How was their current weighing scale system working?

They had five employees loading pallets onto individual vehicles very early in the morning. These vehicles needed to be on the road before 7am. All shrink-wrapped pallets should have been weighed on a central platform scale to check the gross weight. However, this didn’t always happen. Each employee would load one vehicle at a time, and their responsibility was to ensure it wasn’t overloaded. This was proving difficult due to the time restraints.

Bespoke Weighing Scale System Solution

Workshop showing a bespoke weighing scale system with black and yellow pallet truck scales with printers connected to them

This image shows 4 of the 5 pallet trucks we supplied

We designed a bespoke weighing scale solution to help solve this issue by supplying five pallet truck scales. Each pallet truck scale was fitted with a tally roll printer built into the units. During the loading of each vehicle, the operator pressed the print button for each pallet loaded. When they had finished, they pressed ‘total’, giving a gross weight of what had been loaded into the specific vehicle and the number of pallets weighed. It is then entered against the vehicle registration on their customer’s records. The vehicles left the yard with both customer and drivers, knowing they were not overloaded.  By weighing simultaneously when loading, the whole operation was sped up. Vehicles were never overloaded, and it also confirmed what individual pallet weights had been sent to their customers.

If you have a weighing scale issue which could be solved with a bespoke weighing scale system, contact us! Email Or call us 01543 271174. If you’re not sure of what you need our experienced team will be able to help.

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