Bespoke Weighing Scales – West Midlands

We work with several industries to ensure their weighing scale systems suit their business. An ‘off-the-shelf’ scale can sometimes work. But, when needed, we can solve a problem with a bespoke weighing scale system. Here is one example of a customer who needed our expertise and knowledge to help avoid overloading their vehicles. What was […]

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Weighing Scale Engineer walking to ADF Scale Company Van to Walsall

9 Do’s and Don’ts When Using Digital Weighing Scales

When you use your digital weighing scales, you want to ensure you get the most accurate results. Follow these general tips to ensure you’re using your scales correctly and, therefore, with maximum accuracy. 1. Ensure staff fully understand how to use the scale and have been thoroughly trained in its operation This may sound like

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Floor weighing scale with blue platform and digital display on a white background

8 Tips for Your Weighing Scale Site Conditions

Your site conditions and where you place your weighing scale can make a difference to the accuracy of your machine. Here are eight tips to help ensure your site conditions aren’t causing inaccuracies. 1. Don’t position the weighing scale by large opening/up and over doors. Making sure your machine isn’t near somewhere that is significantly

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Weights sitting on top of a digital bench scale Wolverhampton

10 Top Tips when you’re using a weighing scale

Accurate weighing is essential in industry to ensure consistency and no loss of profits. In some cases, it is also a legal requirement for products sold on weight. Here are 10 top tips to help you make sure your weighing scale is as accurate as possible. Don’t submerge your scale in water to clean it,

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Digital Scales Weighing indicator sitting on a white background

Hazardous Area Weighing Scales

The ADF range of Hazardous Area Weighing Scale indicators can be connected to any suitable platform, weighbeams or U-frame, when fitted with Atex approved load cells. Hazardous area weighing scale indicators can be used as a replacement unit to link to your existing weighing platform. If you require trade approval ( ie selling across) the

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A stack of single load cell bases sitting on a white background

Single Load Cell Bases

Mild steel single load cell bases are ideal for all general weighing and counting applications with suitable digital display units. The stainless steel load cells are ideal for food weighing and chemical use. The standard capacities of single load cell bases range from 3kg to 500kg. If you need a bespoke load cell for your

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Wheels on a vehicle weighing axle pad

Axle Weighing

ADF’s range of axle weighing scales provide a solution for all industries, from one off checks to fully automated dynamic vehicle scales, without the driver leaving the cab. There are two ways to weigh axles. ADF can supply either of these vehicle weighing solutions: Portable axle pads which can be picked up and moved by

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