Digital Scales Weighing indicator sitting on a white background

Hazardous Area Weighing Scales

The ADF range of Hazardous Area Weighing Scale indicators can be connected to any suitable platform, weighbeams or U-frame, when fitted with Atex approved load cells. Hazardous area weighing scale indicators can be used as a replacement unit to link to your existing weighing platform. If you require trade approval ( ie selling across) the …

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A forklift truck weighing system in a car park, showing the pallet prongs in front

Forklift Truck Weighing Scales

ADF’s range of robust and reliable fork lift truck weighing scales, can be connected to any suitable forklift truck. They provide a very quick and easy method of weighing whilst loading, unloading or on the move. Forklift truck weighing scales can also be known as pallet truck scales. Using pallet truck scales saves precious time …

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A stack of single load cell bases sitting on a white background

Single Load Cell Bases

Mild steel single load cell bases are ideal for all general weighing and counting applications with suitable digital display units. The stainless steel load cells are ideal for food weighing and chemical use. The standard capacities of single load cell bases range from 3kg to 500kg. If you need a bespoke load cell for your …

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Wheels on a vehicle weighing axle pad

Axle Weighing

ADF’s range of axle weighing scales provide a solution for all industries, from one off checks to fully automated dynamic vehicle scales, without the driver leaving the cab. There are two ways to weigh axles. ADF can supply either of these vehicle weighing solutions: Portable axle pads which can be picked up and moved by …

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Weights for scales Cannock


ADF can supply weights ranging from milligrams to 1 tonne. Including trade approved and UKAS certified. ADF has been continuously supplying scales to all manner of industries for over 40 years. We have a vast knowledge and experience of all weighing applications and  will provide the best advice for any scale requirements you have. For …

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Weighing Scales for Vets West Midlands

Vet Scales

Vet Scales and animal scales are accurate large platform weighing scales supplied with anti slip rubber matting. They can be portable if required, either using disposable batteries or a mains adaptor. Features of Vet Scales Easily readable Unambiguous liquid crystal weight displays Weighing capacity available up to 300kg Mild steel and stainless steel weighing plates …

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Vehicle Weighing Scales West Midlands


ADF has been supplying, repairing and servicing weighbridges for over 40 years. We have carried out numerous structural repairs, including complete girder replacement, using correctly specified steel to ensure that the structural integrity is not compromised. ADF design, build and fit weighbridge load cell conversion kits to replace units which are either obsolete or extremely …

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Digital weighing scale indicator sitting on a white background

Weighing Scale Indicators

The ADF range of weighing scale indicators (and weighing and counting indicators), can be fitted to any weighing platform, weigh beams, U-frame, and weighbridge. These can also be supplied by us or we can use your existing weighing machine. They can be Weights and Measures approved and certified as ‘legal to sell across’ or used …

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