ADF help to move boxes

ADF were approached by a large manufacturer of component kits, which are sent all over the world to improve the accuracy of various component quantities in these completed kits.

Due to numerous shortages of items in the individual containers, this lead to serious problems and many of the customer’s products ended up in very remote areas to fulfil a specific contract. Parts missing meant work couldn’t be completed on time and that meant financial penalties, on occasions.

The lists of parts were enormous and varied considerably in weight, therefore traditional counting scales would not have been successful.

The customer had a very detailed database of components, which allowed ADF to tap into it and link a weighing display with two-way communication to their computer systems. The computer informs the weighing display of the list of component to be entered into the box sitting on the weighing platform and from this, the total net weight is established. This ADF system also has a check weighing system installed and establishes whether the box is a pass or a fail. This is transmitted to the computer, positioned next to the scale and displayed on the monitor. Therefore the operator only has to look at one screen to confirm acceptance or rejection.

The ADF systems have prevented costly mistakes and poor customer relationships.
Initially five units were installed on site and, due to the tremendous advantages the equipment provided in accuracy, speed and increased production, the customer has ordered a further four to be commissioned at a second facility.

The equipment has proved to be extremely reliable and robust with virtually no breakdowns being experienced; it has prevented costly mistakes and poor customer relationships.

Just recently, customer boxes have gotten larger and consequently more difficult to slide along the benches once they have been checked and passed. We therefore supplied new, larger weighing platforms and roller track to fit into the customer’s newly installed roller track. Theses platforms were connected to the original display units and calibrated. The roller track has speeded up the flow of boxes and the check weighing system with considerably less effort on behalf of the operators and more production for the customer.